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...d is kwetsbaar voor overstromingen. Niet alleen vanuit zee, maar ook vanuit onze rivieren ... Room for the River Waal - protecting the city of Nijmegen ... ... . Die krijgen vaker veel water te verwerken. Daarom geven we de rivieren meer ruimte om het water veilig af te kunnen voeren. The Room for the River project site encompasses four rivers: the Rhine, the Meuse, the Waal, and the IJssel. The project area is in the Netherlands, but morphological impacts extend upstream into Germany, portions of France and Belgium, and may reach to the Rhine headwaters in Switzerland over time. Room for the River: IJsseldelta. The IJssel is being given more room by deepening the n ... Room for the River, Nijmegen by H+N+S Landscape Architects ... ... . Room for the River: IJsseldelta. The IJssel is being given more room by deepening the navigation channel and constructing a high-water channel. The high-water channel lies between 2 dykes and will fill during periods of high water levels. This will enable the river to discharge a larger volume of water more quickly. The Room for the River program is a Dutch flood miti...


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ROOM FOR THE RIVER - SAFE AND ATTRACTIVE LANDSCAPES The Room for the River programme has made the Dutch river landscape fit for the demands of the changing climate. The floodplains are not only safer, but under the 'spatial quality' objective they have also been made more attractive. More than thirty projects were completed within a period of just a few years.The enormous operation that was Room for the River has now been recorded in a richly illustrated book: ROOM FOR THE RIVER - SAFE AND ATTRACTIVE LANDSCAPES. The three Government Advisors on Landscape involved in the programme, Dirk Sijmons, Yttje Feddes and Eric Luiten, explain why the operation has been so successful and was completed on time and within budget. In an extensive introduction, Fred Feddes describes how the Dutch water management community and the Dutch public came to the point where they were ready to embrace this unique approach, which unites engineering, architecture and nature. Photographer and landscape architect Jeroen Bosch has recorded all the locations in photographs that perfectly capture the quality of the designs.ROOM FOR THE RIVER - SAFE AND ATTRACTIVE LANDSCAPES 320 pages, 24 x 32 cm€49.50. ISBN 978-94-92474-96-4With contributions by Jan van der Grift, Mark Hendriks, René Siemens, Marc Nolden, Martine Bakker and Michael van Buuren.

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