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...eving that level of improvement is elusive for many ... Digital transformation: online guide to digital transformation ... . While marketers are embarking on a wide array of "digital transformations" to reshape their operations and business models, many of these efforts are stymied by marketing's difficulty in delivering on its aspirations. Conceiving a clear vision and agile roadmap for the future digital business; The Execution: 3 Steps to digital IT operations transformation. Discussions can only take you so far. It is time ... Digital IT Operations Transformation in 3 Steps ... . Discussions can only take you so far. It is time for businesses to bridge the gap between the strategic phase and the practical execution by chalking out a clear path to digital IT Ops transformation in ... In every industry, customers' digital expectations are rising, both directly for digital products and services and indirectly for the speed, accuracy, productivity, and convenience that digital makes possible. But the promise of digital raises new questions for the r...


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The success of companies depends on the speed of implementing their business model innovations. Innovating a business model is relatively easy - Osterwalder BMC can be applied. In order to continuously align the business model innovations with E2E processes, ICT template solutions and organizational performance metrics the Business Transformation (BT) lifecycle can help. This book shows use cases within companies like Philips, ERIKS, Unilever, Achmea and Friesland Campina. Furthermore, SAP explains how Business Process Management and Internet of Things can enhance business innovations. This book provides information on how to set up an BT roadmap using best practices, how to define the governance model and determine ROI. The BT lifecycle can help to improve the organizational agility, optimizing the project portfolio and reducing the complexity of the ERP template, thereby increasing the success rate of digital business transformation projects within the operational processes. Look at preview!

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